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Macのグラフィック作成/編集アプリ Pixelmator が最新版 ver 2.2が大幅な進化を遂げているみたいですよ。

進化の詳細をいちいち確認して挙げてゆくのは手数なので詳しくは上記のリンク先記事にある動画でということにさせてもらいますが。記事に貼られた動画を眺める限り「え、こんな出来る子だっけ? Pixelmatorって。。。」という印象。また iTunes に Pixelmator ver.2.2 の新機能に関する要約がありましたのでこれを下に転載。

バージョン 2.2 の新機能
Pixelmator 2.2 is a major update introducing more than 100 new features and improvements, including the following:

• Smart Shape Tools: Quickly adjust shapes’ outlines with easy-to-use controls to get just the look you’re after
• Custom Shapes palette: Packed with dozens of readily available shapes that are as easy to add as dragging and dropping
• Shape Style palette: Effortlessly create more polished, advanced shapes with the new Fill, Stroke Style, Shadow and Inner Shadow features
• Smart Move Tool: Knows when you are working with image or shape layers and gives you the options you need at that time
• New Paint Selection Tool: The simplest and fastest way to make even challenging selections in your images with just a few brush strokes
• New Light Leak Effect: Makes it easy and fun to create stunning, retro-artistically illuminated images from any of your photos
• And much more



Pixelmator - Pixelmator Team
Pixelmator – Pixelmator Team