Mac 用メールクライアントのSparrow を ver1.3.1 へアップデートしました。

もちろんMac App Store 経由でのアップデート。

New features:

– Extended Sidebar: directly access all your label & folders in the sidebar
– Send & Archive: one of the coolest Gmail feature now available for all IMAP accounts
– Drag and Drop: select any message and simply drag and drop it to other apps and your desktop
– Hide sidebar: keep it minimal and hide your sidebar for a streamlined experience. Shift-Cmd-M or a lateral three finger swipe in the sidebar will do the trick.
– View mail source
– ‘Empty trash’ button

For Lion OS X users:
– Bounce everywhere: in the sidebar, in the message list and in the conversation view. Lion goodness all over!
– Full screen mode
– Launch animation

All animations have been rewritten from the ground up.
– Sidebar animations: account and category switching is faster and smoother
– Message list: we made the scroll more fl.uid and natural
– Window animations: we killed all window animations to make Sparrow faster and simpler
– Sidebar scrollbar: even if it has always been possible to scroll there, we made it obvious.
– Priority inbox behavior: now shows all Priority mails of the inbox regardless of the fact that they’ve been read

– Omnifocus: drag a mail in the app to create a new task
– Things: drag a mail on the dock icon to create a new task

– Yahoo compatibility
– DAV Mail compatibility
– MBox mail compatibility

and of course, hundreds of small bugs have been resolved:

– Fix crash issue on 1.3
– Fix formatting issue on 1.3
– Cmd-L and Shift-Cmd-L bug in Unified Inbox for Google accounts
– Lost text when replying too fast
– Reply animation: the reply window now matches the location and size of the reading window
– Default window size is now kept when quitting and relaunching the application
– Various bugs on window resizing
– Lotus Domino compatibility
– Bug in sidebar Label menu

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